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Government Policies Designed to Raise Housing Prices Are Never Progressive

One of Arlington’s great strengths is the rich layers of diversity in its people: linguistic, culinary, cultural, and perhaps most importantly, economic diversity.  From the immigrant living in rental housing on the western edge of the Pike, to the Gen … Continue reading

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Form Based Code Fail: Massive New Single Family Homes Built Steps from Future Streetcar Stops

One of the head-scratching things about life in Arlington is listening to self-described Smart Growth groups fawn over Arlington’s supposed commitment to Smart Growth. Unfortunately, the reality appears to be that Arlington’s politicians* are committed to promoting themselves, their personal … Continue reading

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The Backwards Notion That Driving Up Real Estate Prices Preserves Affordable Housing

The backers of the Columbia Pike Streetcar have many arguments in favor of the project.  They range from topsy-turvy (the idea that serving only one pair of destinations is a virtue, rather than a significant flaw in a transit system) … Continue reading

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Walter Tejada’s Odd Conversion to Trolley-Skepticism

Arlington Mercury has broken the story that Arlington County Board Member Walter Tejada is no longer committed to a streetcar on Columbia Pike.  This bombshell – inconsistent with a campaign pledge – sets up a potential showdown when the Board … Continue reading

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Draft Pike Neighborhoods Plan, Board, Fail to Properly Link Density and Affordable Housing

The Draft Columbia Pike Neighborhoods Plan is open for comments until April 25th.  Originally, this post was going to focus on the plan’s affordable housing component.  But after the Board Meeting Saturday (April 21), the speeches by the Board Members … Continue reading

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