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Fatal Flaw: Omitting Pentagon Transit Station from Streetcar Network Will Burden Future Generations

Arlington County’s Board has decided to make an “our way or the highway” offer for its planned streetcar network: if a neighboring jurisdiction doesn’t want to adopt the Board’s plan, they are on their own.  Fairfax is in (at least … Continue reading

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As DC Plans to Abolish Parking Minimums, Pike Zoning Code Mandates More Cars

David Alpert and Matthew Yglesias have a new Opinion piece at the Washington Post arguing that DC should go forward with a proposal to amend their zoning rules to abolish minimum parking requirements.  The proposal would not prevent developers from … Continue reading

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Board Members Fib About Capacity of Streetcars vs Articulated Buses

Some board members have been hitting the local press lately with claims about the capacity of various transit alternatives for Columbia Pike.  Unfortunately, the remarks show a serious disregard of fact. In an article in February at Arlington Mercury, the … Continue reading

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