An Opening Night Review of RedRocks in Penrose Square

Going to opening night at a new restaurant means understanding that the place is going to have a lot of kinks to work out.  RedRocks in Penrose Square is no exception.

As such, it’s not fair for a reviewer to point out all the flawed details of opening night, this post will skip them, other than stating the obvious that the service is slooooooow (if friendly).

The interior is a fairly standard modern look with exposed brick, visible silver HVAC hanging off the ceiling and the obligatory maroon curtain.  It has a bar with its own section of high-top tables, along with plenty of seating at the standard tables.  The bar features a fairly extensive tap list, reasonably robust set of wines, and the liquor shelf highlights mostly scotch and bourbon.

For the menu, it’s been reviewed extensively at Yelp for its sister locations, but the crux of the place is a slightly doughy (not Papa John’s but sill Americanized) pizza shell topped with fresh ingredients like the bright tomatoes on their signature Neapolitan.  They offer both “Snacks” and “Small Plates,” which top out at $14.  The salads to try is the beet salad with oranges, walnuts and cumin – a tasty, modern item.  Read the full menu here.

The big find is the Happy Hour: definitely a nice addition to the neighborhood.

DC Brau Public Pale $3 / Port City optimal Wit $3

Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot $3 / vodka, rum, Gin, tequila, Whiskey, Bourbon (with mixer) $5

Marinara Pizza $6 / Neapolitan Pizza $6

They also offer a few signature cocktails, but will need to step it up to compete with the all-pro mixology at TNT.

Check out the Yelp page for more reviews from your neighbors – or add one yourself.  The place is certainly a smart addition to the neighborhood.

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