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Government Policies Designed to Raise Housing Prices Are Never Progressive

One of Arlington’s great strengths is the rich layers of diversity in its people: linguistic, culinary, cultural, and perhaps most importantly, economic diversity.  From the immigrant living in rental housing on the western edge of the Pike, to the Gen … Continue reading

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Study: Car Use Continues to Rise in Corridors That Added Light Rail

Over at the urbanist, city-oriented Atlantic Cities website, dismay prevails over the  upcoming publishing of a study that suggests that light rail does not live up to the hype of its proponents. According to the article, the authors of the … Continue reading

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Pike Articulated Buses Aren’t BRT for the Same Reason that a Streetcar Isn’t Metrorail

One of the vexing things about the discussions around improving transit service along Columbia Pike are debates over…vocabulary.  Pike Spotter – whose inklings are well known to any reader of this blog – is going to try to hit this … Continue reading

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An Opening Night Review of RedRocks in Penrose Square

Going to opening night at a new restaurant means understanding that the place is going to have a lot of kinks to work out.  RedRocks in Penrose Square is no exception. As such, it’s not fair for a reviewer to … Continue reading

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