Pike Bus Changes: 16F to Become 16X, New 16Y Stops

WMATA recently announced some changes to the direct-to-DC rush hour Pike Ride bus routes, effective December 30th.  Overall, the changes are fairly minor but they could affect your commute.


Currently, the 16Y serves Columbia Pike, with additional stops in Penrose along S. Courthouse, en route to the western part of downtown DC.  The big change next week is the addition of new stops in North Arlington (Lyon Park), including a new development at Pershing Drive & Arlington Boulevard (opposite Fort Myer).  The schedule is being “adjusted,” which translates into slightly longer commutes (on average) for 16Y users.

“Old” 16Y can be viewed here, and “New” 16Y here.

If this change makes you think about taking the bus to the Blue Line to get to DC, note that Blue Line service for South Arlington is going from bad to worse once the Silver Line opens.  The Washington Post’s Dr. Gridlock has a great explanation of that change.

16X (formerly 16F)

The 16F is being re-branded as the 16X.  This route, which services the Pentagon along with the eastern portion of downtown DC, is only a few years old but shows how a well-designed bus route can attract new riders.

For the portion along the Pike, the change is the addition of a Penrose Square stop at S. Barton and the Pike.  The re-branding however, also means that the bus stops signage need to be changed (which is inconsistent right now).  The DC changes include eliminating the stop at 10th & Independence SW and the southbound stop at 7th & Constitution NW.

One inexplicable thing about the route: it continues to stop at the construction site formerly known as Navy Annex.  The stop at S. Orme should replace Navy Annex, as workers at both Fort Myer and the Sheraton would be better served by that stop, along with a majority of the residents in both Foxcroft Heights and Arlington Views.

Speaking of Arlington Views, the (already part-time) bus stop westbound at S. Rolfe St is out of commission due to the Washington Boulevard bridge project, until further notice.  The ART 74 is your best alternative right now for transit.  Unfortunately, that route runs only at weekday rush hour.

The  new 16X schedule is here and the old 16F is here.

Post-Script: minor changes to ART 42 coming on January 7th can be viewed here.

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