9th Street Bike Boulevard Update

From a recent email forwarded by a neighborhood association (lightly edited):

1. Street marking and sign plans are currently under a final review by in house staff. Street markings and signs are behind schedule due to a conflict with the pavement marking contractor. If the contractor is not able to fit the markings in by the fall, in house staff will try to complete the work during the winter. Pavement markings are weather dependent so it may not be possible until the spring.

2.  Staff will still begin designing the remaining features when
survey work is completed this fall. These features include the addition of signals, curbs and medians, ADA compliant ramps and sidewalk re-alignments. Staff will meet with the community again prior to installation of these elements.

3. As discussed at the May meeting, County staff looked into the feasibility of putting a physical barrier at the intersection of 9th St. S. and S. Ivy St. to make 9th St. S. a cul-de-sac. This option was discussed as a method to allow the street to be opened to two way traffic without allowing additional vehicle traffic on to 9th St. S. This option would allow fire trucks and bicycles to pass through but no other traffic in either direction. As you will see on the attached drawing, this option will not work for the community because of the reduction in approximately
5-6 parking spaces to allow large trucks to turn around. The vehicle used in the turning analysis is the maximum size vehicle allowed on the street but not allowed to exit at the end. For example, a UPS or Fed-Ex vehicle, Giant Pea-Pod, or small U-Haul would need to turn around but a fire truck
would be permitted through. This option is also in conflict with policies found in Arlington County’s Master Transportation Plan (MTP), http://www.arlingtonva.us/departments/EnvironmentalServices/dot/planning/mplan/mtp/MTP_Draft.aspx.
A key policy in the MTP is to maintain and enhance a grid‐style street network. As part of this policy, Arlington County is studying whether existing one‐way streets should be converted to two‐way traffic and discouraging future conversions of two‐way streets to one‐way. Another important policy in the MTP is to improve connectivity between trails and other major bikeway corridors. Creating a cul-de-sac would not be in line
with either of these policies. Staff will continue to research other
options to discuss with the community once the survey is complete. In the meantime, the pavement markings and signs will move forward with an eastbound detour from S. Ivy St. to 7th St. S. to S. Irving St. around the one way section.

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