Elimination of Metro’s Route 23C. 16F Service Cuts. Public Hearings to Discuss.

Metro has announced planned changes and a series of hearing to discuss them for bus routes.  Two of the changes would affect bus riders along Columbia Pike.

The first one is relatively minor: there is a 16F service in the early afternoon (and late morning) that runs to/from the Pentagon from/to DC that they plan to cut back on.  Existing single-seat commuters from the Pike would not be affected.  That is, unless you ride the 16F from DC and transfer at Pentagon to another bus, you are OK.

The second change is more dramatic: the 23C will be cancelled and replaced with a new bus route, the 23B.  For bus users who live in Douglas Park (and others), this is going to mean a new commute: the current 23C segment on Walter Reed Drive and Four Mile Run Drive between Glebe Road and Shirlington Road will be eliminated.  Alternatives suggested are ART Routes 75 and 77.

23A, B & T McLean-Crystal City

Changes to 23 Coming

Nearest hearings are Wednesday, Oct. 24 at the Shirlington Library, and Monday, Oct. 29 at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School Cafeteria in Falls Church.  More on the hearings here.  More details on the changes here.

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