More Pike Information on Twitter, and an Observation About Listservs

Even if you aren’t on Twitter (and keep in mind that you can “be” on Twitter just to follow other people, and not actually tweet yourself), please take a look at the Twitter feed at right.  It is much more active than the blog (which was dormant for much of the summer), and features a lot of information like links to restaurant reviews, Pike transit updates, and links to articles about urbanism and development that might be of interest to residents.  Also, Twitter is the only place to get information from the once indispensable Pike Wire (although you’d need to sign up to Twitter to get those tweets).

An observation: much of the neighborhood discourse for the communities along the Pike takes place on listservs/Yahoo! Groups.  While an old technology, it still works fairly well.  Unfortunately, for people under 30, listservs is the Betamax of communication: something they’ve maybe heard of, but that no one they know uses.  Thus, a generational gap has emerged between the technology of the younger, mostly-renter class and the older, landed gentry.

Not sure there is much that can be done about this lack of inter-generational e-communication, but it’s worth remembering that if you are advertising an event, or taking the temperature of your neighbors, if you rely on social media vs. the listservs, your audience will be very different.

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