DES Offers Columbia Pike Construction September Update

Attached is the text from today’s email update from Arlington DES:



Thank you for your interest in the improvements underway along Columbia Pike. Here are the latest updates as of September 25, 2012.


Super Stops Construction

On Wednesday, September 19, County crews installed the new canopy on the Walter Reed East Super Stop. This stop is scheduled for completion in late October 2012. Super Stops are larger and more easily accessible bus shelters designed to improve the commute for bus riders. A total of 24 new bus stops will be constructed to support the Pike Ride bus service and will also serve as future streetcar stations in the Columbia Pike corridor.


Columbia Pike Streetlight Upgrade

Work continues on the effort to install energy-efficient streetlight units along the Pike. The construction portion of this project is expected to complete in two weeks. Crews will then enter a testing phase to ensure the lights are functioning as designed. Arlington installed a total of 150 streetlighting poles, totaling 290 LED units. These lights offer a 30-year life expectancy, reduce light pollution, and dim automatically based on time of day. The energy savings will pay for the cost of the lights and construction in five to 10 years.


Columbia Pike Undergrounding and Street Improvements

Construction for the Utility Undergrounding and Street Improvement project, located between S. Wakefield Street and S. Four Mile Run Drive has started. This project includes undergrounding overhead utilities and installing wider sidewalks, street trees, street lights, benches and bike racks. Contractors are currently working on Four Mile Run Minor (located between the Goodwill store and recycling area) and will soon begin work on the undergrounding of utilities on the Pike.



Thank you,


Arlington County

Department of Environmental Services

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2 Responses to DES Offers Columbia Pike Construction September Update

  1. Bill Hobbs says:

    China has built entire cities in the time is has taken the first “Super Stop” to be completed. Right now the only thing super about it is the super slow pace of work!

  2. Bill Hobbs says:

    In China, they build entire cities in the time it is taking to complete the stop at Walter Reed and Columbia Pike. The only thing “super” is the super slow pace of the workers and the progress of the project.

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