ABC Store Opens

Exterior View

In a little publicized, oddly-timed debut (the weekend after Memorial Day?), our Commonwealth has opened an Alcohol Beverage Control retail outlet in the Halstead building on Columbia Pike near Walter Reed Drive (next to Lost Dog Cafe).

It’s large, and offers the typical choices of booze as any other Arlington ABC store, with Virginia wines, high-fructose corn syrup mixers, and an incredibly large selection of flavored vodkas (really, one huge wall of flavored vodkas, it’s impressive if strange).

One of the weird things is the first shelf a customer sees upon entering is empty – although that does mean room for expanding the selections.  Staff seems very friendly.  Several kinds of tequila, the bourbon selection is decent, Scotch less so, and the rums are limited.  Plenty of “airplane” sized mini-bottles.  Also lots of cordials.

Plenty of Jägermeister

Part of making this part of the Pike a walkable, urban neighborhood means giving residents a wide variety of products and services, and an ABC store is really a critical element in that.

Welcome to the Pike, ABC.

Posted hours are 10AM to 9PM everyday, 1-6PM Sunday.

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