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Q and A on Articulated/Bendy Buses on Columbia Pike

Hey Pikespotter, You seem to have some strong opinions on these articulated buses.  Do you have time for a few questions? Sure. OK, what the heck is an articulated bus? An articulated or “bendy” bus is a four-wheeled bus that … Continue reading

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County Scales Back Plans for Columbia Pike Bike Boulevards

Arlington County’s inadequate plans for Pike cyclists are getting worse: the Bike Boulevards Plan is being parceled out into tiny “new projects” that need to get in line for funding from the Board. Today, bike commuters and other riders who … Continue reading

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Could Board’s Streetcar Funding Plans be Derailed by Bogus Alternatives Analysis?

In order to seek federal funding from the Federal Transit Administration for a transit project,  Arlington needs to conduct an “alternatives analysis” as part of the process.  But under the law governing federal funds, the federal government is required to … Continue reading

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ABC Store Opens

In a little publicized, oddly-timed debut (the weekend after Memorial Day?), our Commonwealth has opened an Alcohol Beverage Control retail outlet in the Halstead building on Columbia Pike near Walter Reed Drive (next to Lost Dog Cafe). It’s large, and … Continue reading

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