More on Southern Bike Boulevard Extension Via Arlington Village

The current edition of the newsletter for the condominium association in Arlington Village (“The Village Crier”) has more details on the proposed Columbia Pike Bike Boulevard bypass through Arlington Village.  It can be read here in its entirety, but it is cut and pasted below.

Dear Neighbor:

This is a response to the latest draft of the Columbia Pike Neighborhoods Plan, a planning effort by Arlington County that is underway for the residential areas directly along the Pike between the major intersections. The main goal of the Plan is to encourage retention of affordable housing over the next 30 years. A similar planning effort for the commercial areas around the major intersections was completed years ago, resulting in the Form Based Code for those areas. You can view the Neighborhoods Plan on the CPRO web site at Alternatively: revitalization-story/columbia-pike-land-use-housing-study/

In the draft version of the Plan dated April 6, the transportation policy issue that most affects The Village is the East-West connection envisioned parallel to Columbia Pike generally in the area of 12th Street, ex- tending from the Arlington View to Glebe Road and points West. This is detailed in the Plan on page 4.39, in the legend note “Potential Vehicular Connection.”

It includes using 11th Street at Cleveland Street to pass through somewhere to S. Barton Street, and on to S. Wayne Street. In the Plan, the path indicated would bisect the front yards of 1201 S. Barton St., cross Barton and run through the Village parking lot and tennis courts. This would be sited on land that is currently a green area.

An alternative route could run through from 11th Street at Cleveland Street, dogleg to the commercial area of Arlington Village Shopping Center, and cross S. Barton Street. It could continue along the southern perimeter of properties along the 2300 and 2400 blocks of Columbia Pike (Rappahannock Coffee, L.A. Nails, Saah Furniture Buildings) and wrap around the Barkeley condominium parking garage to join with 12th Street at Wayne Street. These commercial spaces are under review by the County planning authorities for imminent redevelopment for multistory residential buildings with street-level retail spaces.

The Plan is a vision for potential development that will affect the whole Pike corridor, including the environs of The Village. If you have concerns about this Plan, the time to act is now — before the County Board adopts this Plan at its July meeting. You are encouraged to send your message to the County via the County office responsible for its elaboration.

Principal Planner, Columbia Pike Initiative Coordinator, Department of Community Planning
Housing & Development Planning Division
2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 700

Arlington, VA 22201

As noted in earlier posts, while a longer Bike Boulevard is a good thing, the problem remains that the County’s plans for a streetcar, along with the plans in Pike Multimodal and the Commonwealth’s plan for the Washington Boulevard bridge/underpass, will eliminate the current on-street bike route from Piketown Center to the Pentagon/DC, with no replacement (on-street or off-).

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