Old Arlington Grill Revamps Happy Hour

Old Arlington Grill – the bar attached to the Cinema and Drafthouse – has reconfigured their bar and their Happy Hour.

The interior has a fresh coat of paint and retains most of the cinema-themed framed posters.  They have put the draft and bottle list on a chalkboard behind the bar, along with  a movie-inspired list of martinis.  They have also rearranged the bar setup, but that’s largely a behind the scenes change for patrons.

The draft list is decent, currently including Dales Pale Ale, Guinness, Brooklyn Brown, Fat Tire, Miller Lite and Star Hill The Love.  Several 22 ounce bottles of microbrews are featured.

The bar specials, however, have shifted in both time and content.  The biggest shift is a “Happy Hour” that begins each weeknight at 7:30 – an odd choice, but it does open up the opportunity to finish a Happy Hour at P. Brennan’s or Bangkok 54, then carry it forward to the “late” Happy Hour at OAG.  Below are the specials, each running from 7:30-9:30:

Monday:  Half-Priced Pints.

Tuesday:  Half Priced Burgers (the good old days of $2 burgers and $2 PBRs are long gone!).

Wednesday:  $5 Wings, $1 Off Star Hill.

Thursday:  $5 Comedy Cover, $5 Guinness.

Friday:  Ladies Night with $3 Miller Lite.

The bar looks nice but sticking it to the regulars by cutting back the hours on Happy Hour specials is unfortunate.  It seems like a better tack would have been to require a (full price) drink purchase to get a food special.  But it’s still a nice place to stop in for a drink and hear some Tupac.

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One Response to Old Arlington Grill Revamps Happy Hour

  1. NewLeaf says:

    What, no specials on the Lieber Liquer?

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