Metro Fare Hikes Will Hit Pike Riders Twice

Public transit users along the Pike who transfer from Metrobus to Metrorail should be prepared to be hit twice on the new fare hikes scheduled to come into effect on July 1.  According to the Washington Post, the SmarTrip bus fare will rise from $1.50 to $1.60.  The price increase for Metrorail riders will vary, but the minimum charge is going up 15 cents.  (There is relief for some riders, as the board is abolishing the peak-of-the-peak surcharge).

According the the manager’s original proposal, though, the amount of credit for a bus-to-rail transfer will remain at 50 cents.  As a result, Pike Riders who transfer to Metrorail are facing a double-whammy: increased bus fare and an increased rail fare.  (The Riders’ Advisory Council, which objected to much of the manager’s original proposal, was silent on this double hit.)

The lack of a full-fare transfer is bad, as-is, forcing people who choose to live off-Metro to pay a penalty for bus use.  Doubling down on this is bad news for Pike Riders.

No word of objection (at least yet) from WMATA Board (non-voting) Member, Mary Hynes.

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