Bikes and Future Board Elections

Donaldson Run has taken issue with the last post that suggested that bicycling remained a “fringe movement” in Arlington politics.  He disagreed.  The problem with his argument is…

He’s right.  That statement should be walked back.

First, let’s set the record straight: the tireless work of bike advocates like Mark Blacknell and Allen Muchnick is held in high regard on the blog.  To the extent that the comment seemed to belittle the efforts of people like them, that was not the intent.

Further, the Donaldson Run blog is (along with Blacknell’s Patch column and the Arlington BAC group)  must-read for Arlington bike riders.  More importantly, getting Libby Garvey on the record regarding her views on bikes in Arlington is critical to holding her accountable as she joins the Board.  (It also is consistent with the separate idea that social media is changing the nature of elections.)  Kudos to Donaldson Run.

There’s a frustration for Pike-area bike commuters to DC that our already poor choices for relatively direct, relatively safe commuting routes to DC, instead of being upgraded, are going to be eliminated for a needless streetcar.  But that flaw, no matter how annoying for us on this end of Arlington, is not a fair representation of the whole County.

The better point (that should have been made) is this – further work is needed.  That is, what would be great for Arlington bike riders would be a candidate that leads the County by putting better bike infrastructure as a high priority in her campaign.  For example, a comment on the candidate’s official page (or, dare to dream, a plank of the campaign platform) would be a great next step toward ensuring better bike access for bike riders in Arlington.  A candidate who talks about a few specific steps and projects that should be taken would be impressive, too.  But it’s unfair to mention these goals without acknowledging how far the County’s come as a result of the work of citizen-advocates.

So again, to the bike advocates mentioned here (and I’m sure many others), thanks for your work.  And thanks to Don_Run for the thoughtful and patient comment.

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2 Responses to Bikes and Future Board Elections

  1. Mesbah says:

    Wow, I just discovered this blog and wanted to offer my thanks and congratulations for its informative content and tone. Looking forward to returning here to learn about developments in my neighborhood. 🙂

  2. Agreed! Lots of good work. But lots to be done. I posted a blog about CABI expansion. It is really difficult to comprehend a CABI expansion scenario that does not involve the high public transportation demand corridor of the Pike. But there is only one of the four draft proposed scenarios that does. That begs a lot of questions.

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