Latest on Columbia Pike SuperStops

The County now claims that construction on the Walter Reed Drive Super Stop (Pike Park) will restart in mid-March. (It has been a dormant eyesore for some months “due to an extension in the permitting process.”)  Scheduled completion has been pushed back to June.

The Dinwiddie stops have been postponed indefinitely. This one is especially puzzling as the reason – waiting “until the redesign of the intersection is completed” seemed pretty foreseeable. The Penrose location also remains on hold, with groundbreaking put off until the summer.  This move is a particular shame: the many riders who shop at the Penrose Giant traveling westound until recently had a shelter to use, which was taken down for the Penrose landscape construction.

This blog has been a proponent of the Super Stops, but the implementation can only be described as haphazard*.  Hopefully the County is learning some lessons here, and the rest of the stops will be implemented on more reasonable timetables.

*Not to make every post about the streetcar, but it’s fair to ask, if the County has this much trouble with bus stops, do they have the competency to build a trolley?

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2 Responses to Latest on Columbia Pike SuperStops

  1. Jerry Cowden says:

    I agree that it’s mystifying that something as seemingly simple as construction of a new bus stop can be delayed for months without any reasonable explanation. Couldn’t a delay in the “permitting process” have been foreseen before the start of construction?

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