Venus Stereos Has Closed

The End Of Venus Stereos

Venus Stereos & TVs (also known as Blenders-Irons-Toasters-Ovens, or it’s Spanish name, Peliculas-Musica-TV-DVD-CD-Amps) has shut its doors and is in the process of emptying out.  The store, what might have been called a Five and Dime if one was born before the Second World War, was always something of an enigma, selling soccer jerseys and CDs in a prime location next to the Drafthouse.   PikeWire* profiled the owner about a year ago.

No word on what might replace it: there is a sign in the window stating that the space is for lease by Gelman Company, which looks to be an area property manager.

Around the corner, the Colombian bakery “Señor Pan” is set to open any day now. A full review of this new business will follow once that happens.

*The author of that blog seems to only occasionally post these days, which is a shame as it was well written and researched when he kept it up.  Come back, Pikewire.

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2 Responses to Venus Stereos Has Closed

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  2. Alicia says:

    Senor pan is handing out free samples! The yucca bread, tres leches and guava breads were delicious! Opens Monday

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