First Columbia Pike SuperStop Delayed

From Arlington DES:

The construction schedule for the Walter Reed Drive East super stop has been adjusted due to an extension in the permitting process. Work will recommence at the site in early February, weather-permitting.

The Barton Street (Penrose Plaza) super stop is currently in the design phase and being coordinated with construction of the new Penrose Square development. Construction is slated to begin in summer 2012 once Penrose Square is completed.

Development of the two stops at S. Dinwiddie Street has been put on hold in order to ensure closer coordination with the Columbia Pike Multimodal Study and future projects along the corridor.

Seems weird that the County (or its contractors) are having trouble with permits.  Either way, not very efficient, but the SuperStops are a cool idea nonetheless.

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One Response to First Columbia Pike SuperStop Delayed

  1. Gary says:

    And more than six months later it still isn’t anywhere near completion.

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