Virginia ABC @ Halstead: Liquor Store Coming to Pike Town Center

Coming Soon: Pike Booze

ABC Store, Under Construction

Construction is underway for a Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control retail store at 2940 Columbia Pike.  The storefront is located in the Halstead, just west of Walter Reed Drive, next to the expanded Lost Dog.

This is unambiguously good news for residents who enjoy spirits – the nearest ABC stores are in Ballston, near Clarendon, or down the Pike past the County Line.  Further, for those who live a car-free lifestyle, this addition leaves a neighborhood with a grocery store, plenty of restaurants, convenience stores, banking and soon a liquor store all nearby.   (A coffee shop with better hours and product would be welcome, however.)


What a completed store may look like

There will hopefully also be a spillover effect for the liquor menus at nearby bars: P.Brennan’s is currently offering spirits tastings, and the cocktail menu at William Jeffrey’s Tavern is already the most creative one in the area.  (Unfortunately, the legal requirement that booze be bought from the state will probably mean that booze prices and selection will always be better across the river.)

The Commonwealth is hiring a manager for the store.  Job details here, although it looks like the posting recently closed.

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