Brook Market Opens in Arlington Village Shopping Center

A new Ethiopian market has opened in Pike Town Center. Brook Market is located on the backside of Arlington Village Shopping Center (in what used to be Pizza Movers), at 2522 Columbia Pike, across from Penrose Square.

The market offers the usual range of Ethiopian spices, dried legumes, and green unroasted coffee. They also sell roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee from Keffa Coffee in Baltimore. This is highly recommended, and at $12.99 for a 14 ounce bag is very competitively priced. Of course, they sell injera, the spongy Ethiopian bread, some of which is made in-house. Some delicious loaves of raisin bread and a more savory style were available for sample on the counter. Also for sale are Ethiopian CDs, coffee pots, incense and a few handicrafts. The remodeled space is simple but spotless.

The charming manager says that the goal is to expand into a carry-out restaurant in the near future. Credit cards will be accepted, but isn’t yet set up. The phone number is 703-271-8528.

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One Response to Brook Market Opens in Arlington Village Shopping Center

  1. Ren says:

    This sounds quite simililar to the Ethiopian market on Edgewood a block or so away. The similarites go down to the raisin and savory bread on the counter. Kind of strange.

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