Alternatives to Pike Trolley

While the Board (hopefully) reviews the Pike Streetcar in light of the $100 million cost increase, here are a few ideas for more immediate and cost-effective ways to provide better bus service:

1. Paint a dedicated lane (in effect only at rush hour) for Pike Ride buses.

2. Enact rules for the new Super Stops that require passengers – other than the disabled and elderly – to use only the front door to board and use only the rear door to alight.

3. Adding “bendy” or articulated buses to the route as envisioned by the Board-funded CPTI to increase capacity.

4. Technological upgrades to the timing of the traffic lights on the Pike to decrease the time that buses sit in traffic.

5. Investment in a reliable, social media-based Pike Ride system in the model of the excellent team who rock the ART Alert Twitter feed.

6. Direct-to-DC weekend bus service. No reason that riders in N. Arlington – who already live on a Metrorail line – should have this type of route (38B) and S. Arlington has none.

7. Extension of the ART 41 Columbia Pike-Ballston-Court House bus line to Rosslyn, at least on weekends when the 45 does not run. This would allow connection with DC’s excellent Circulator.

8. Expanded bus service to address late-night bus overcrowding (addition of an additional 16G departure is a great first step.)

9. Publicized collaboration with other elected leaders to consider bus lane/traffic upgrades at the Pentagon.

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2 Responses to Alternatives to Pike Trolley

  1. Kevin Diffily says:

    While I am strongly in favor of the streetcar I’d add some suggestions to your list above.

    – Removal of any bus lines that duplicate in whole or in part the Orange line; e.g. the 41. Redirect the saved money to more frequent, express, better service elsewhere.
    – Do not allow people to top off smartrip cards during rush hour.

  2. Ren says:

    Amen. Here’s one more for consideration – bus lanes or bus priority onto Roosevelt Bridge. It is ludicrous to have buses like the 16Y packed to the gills with commuters waiting in the same line and taking up the same space as about 2 cars.

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