Happy Hour Project: Old Arlington Grill

OAG is the friendly bar in the front of the Arlington Cinema and Draft House. While popular with pre-theatre goers, it is a stand-alone bar and has specials not available in the theatre, as well as separate entertainment offerings. There are several microbrews available on tap, a few interesting bottles, and the usual assortment of macrobrew swill in both formats. They offer a full bar but the liquor selections can be charitably described as pedestrian.

It does not offer a traditional after-work Happy Hour, but rather features all-night specials on different nights of the week. The specials are as follows:

Monday: $1 Coronas. Not a very good beer, but it’s a buck! (Movies in the theatre also a buck.)
Tuesday: $2 PBRs and $2 burgers w/chips. This is possibly the best deal night in Piketowncenter. You get to choose any burger off the menu, including one with blue cheese (the Blues Brother) and another with spicy jalapenos and jack (Cheech and Chong). Movies $2 in the back.
Wednesday: $5 Wild wings.
Thursday: $5 Guinness and live local comedy.
Friday: $3 UCallIts until 8 (I don’t know what that is.)

Whatever you do, don’t ask to change the music. (I’m kidding, the bar staff there has always been very cool in my experience.)

Below is the beer list based on a recent visit:

: Fat Tire, Shiner Bock, Magic Hat #9, Blue Moon, Dale’s Pale Ale, Guinness, Miller Lite, Winter Solstice (current seasonal).

Bottles: Fat Tire (a bit redundant?), Racer 5 IPA, Hop Devil, Two Hearted Ale, Stone IPA, Arrogant Bastard Ale, Sam Adams, Pilsner Urquel, Woodchuck Cider + a bunch of usual flavorless stuff I didn’t feel like writing down.

Disclaimer 1: Please tip your bartender on the full price of your meal and drinks.
Disclaimer 2: The owners and operators of any establishment reviewed here has no relationship to me other than having sold me drinks and food at advertised prices.

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