Shame: Washington Blvd/C-Pike Exchange

For purposes of long-term development, Arlington County took over Columbia Pike from the Commonwealth back in October.

Unfortunately, VDOT continues to control the Washington Boulevard interchange until the new bridge is built, and its current condition is a complete eyesore.  The sidewalk is unsightly and unsafe: full of dirt, salt, weird pre-stalagmites  and broken asphalt.  As a result, it is hostile to both pedestrians and bikes (for whom it’s the only reasonably way into DC for most Pike-area bike commuters).  I know that the bridge is falling apart, but that is no reason to leave the sidewalks in such an unsafe, unsightly condition.

The debris strewn underpass

While I’m not sure what is defined by the “interchange,” the one thing that the county may be able to fix is the crosswalks.  The intersection is pretty hostile to pedestrians (beyond the sidewalks), but a fresh coat of paint on the crosswalks would still be very welcome.  The double-hitch across the on-ramp on the south side (S.Queen) has no visible crosswalk at all, along with a traditional yellow (not day-glow green) sign.

No visible crosswalk across 27 onramp

The long-term plan to redevelop Columbia Pike and the plan to break ground soon on the bridge are not good excuses for such a pedestrian-hostile situation.


I’d note that there are several other spots on the Pike that need a crosswalk repaint.

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2 Responses to Shame: Washington Blvd/C-Pike Exchange

  1. Skeptical says:

    Does anyone know why the digging equipment has been at work next to that bridge? Utilities?

    The “guano” has been on that sidewalk as long as I can remember; it’s stuff that has leached down from the concrete of the bridge, which gives me a creepy feeling about the crumbling bridge.

  2. ACE says:

    The sidewalks all over South Arlington look terrible — detritus from LAST year’s snow is still visible –pebbles, dirt — what an eyesore. Not fun to walk on either — they can’t afford to clean this up? Yet we have these CUTE brick pavers… Go figure….

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