Tuesday Night @ OAG

Amongst the excellent weeknight specials in the neighborhood is the Old Arlington Grill‘s Tuesday night deal.

The $2 burger includes all of the six-or-so burgers on the menu.  I had the “Cheech and Chong,” a jalapeno and pepper jack topped burger, and Mrs PS had the blue cheese-topped special.  It comes with kettle-style potato chips and a zesty, slightly citrusy pickle.  The burgers were nothing particularly special, but at $2, an astounding bargain.

Unfortunately, the $2 PBRs were a bit falsely advertised: we arrived around 6:30 (to a nearly full bar) and I ordered one along with our burger.  However, shortly thereafter I overheard the (diligent but overwhelmed) bartender explain to a neighboring table that they were out of Pabst.  He briefly substituted Miller High Life,  but that quickly ran dry as well.  Boo.

I moved on to tastier treats (why someone would pay $4 for a draft Miller Lite when say, Dale’s Pale Ale is available for $5 is a bit odd to me), and even then the check was still well under $15 for three beers and two burgers, which remained a steal.

I’d certainly go back, but let’s hope Management works on their inventory skills.

Here are the rest of the nightly specials:

Monday: 1$ corona/corona light. Tuesday: 2$ burgers and 2$ PBR bottles. Wednesday is 5$ wild wings .   “U Call Its” are 3$ from 5:30 to 8 on Fridays (I forgot to ask what that is, however).

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