Manee Thai Shut Down

Local Thai restaurant Manee Thai has been shut down by the County.  According to the sign on the door:

The rest of the places of business in the shopping center all were open.  I did a check at the Arlington County website for restaurant inspections, and there was an inspection that turned up pretty routine violations back on December 20 (I suppose “routine” is in the eye of the beholder).   Nothing since.

It’s too bad, I ate there a few weeks ago and thought that it was quite good, and the disco-era decor was fun.

Drop a comment if you’ve heard something.

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4 Responses to Manee Thai Shut Down

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  2. Observer says:

    That’s unfortunate. Maybe someone can take over the place, gut it entirely, and open a restaurant other than a Thai restaurant. There are several Thai choices on Col Pike: Bangkok 54, Rincome, Thai Square. Why not have a place like Luna Grill with American fare? And some live acoustic music? I think it would do well. It’s a nice size space that was underutilized.

  3. Larnold says:

    Heard from a local who hangs at Manee Thai, it has something to do with having heaters in the restaurant that were dangerous. I guess their heat went out. I think this caused the county to take a closer look at the whole establishment.

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